About me


Social Mind Center (Somics)
Departments of Cognitive Science and Philosophy
Central European University
Oktober 6 u., 7
1051, Budapest, Hungary



I am a philosopher of science, currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Social Mind Center, at the Department of Cognitive Science, Central European University. I am also affiliated with the Department of Philosophy and the Social Studies Program at the CEU.

My research follows three axes. First, I am interested in distributed cognitive systems in science, the impact of technological change on scientific research, and the role of materiality in epistemology. I also am working on theories of cultural evolution. Finally, I am interested in the interface between the social and the biological sciences and issues of interdisciplinary collaboration between these two families of sciences.

I hold a PhD in the philosophy of science from the Université de Montréal (2013), under the supervision of Frédéric Bouchard. My dissertation concerned the use of analogical reasoning as a means to transfer theories and explanatory frameworks between scientific disciplines, using as a case study the analogy between genetic inheritance and social learning.